Wednesday, August 13, 2008

one on one

met the managers of the KR colony apartments today. Mr Murthi(Victoria Heaven) , Mr Prem(landsdone apartments), Mr Chandrashekar( Victoria 1 & 2) , will meet Mr Menon (Golf Links apartment) tomorrow, Mr Jairaj (Purva paradise).
The response i got through the questionairre was that there are problems with the middlemen , namely the supervisor Mr Sheshadri and the fact that he charges them apporoximtely 700 rs to 1400 rs per month but doesnt meet his promises. The cleaners appear and dissapear when they feel like an sometmes garbage from the apartments are not picked up for two to three weeks. the excuses the managers deal with range from the problems with picking stations and non vailability of dumping area in the villages due to protests of villagers. All of them agreed to meet up at any time required to have a meeting regarding the problem .

I also distributed the flyers in the Victorian heaven apartments. Printed 50 more and hopefully have them distributed in Landsdore ASAP.

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