Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Meeting

Met the principal today. Very Very informative meeting. A very Genial individual. He stated twice that what we were doing was extremely commendable and that he would provide us with full support. Infact they had once thought of starting a campaign themselves as the main garbage dump site on the street is right outside the entrance. The problem of the defense's ownership of the area creeped up. He told us to come on saturday and meet up with the management. That will be my next step.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pre independence

distributed flyers in the golf links apartments and met a few residents on Murray's street. They weren' t really interested , two of them jst took the flyer and kinda shut the door on my face. the one at the start of the street , took time to read it in frnt of me and said that he's heard of a lot of complints goin from the community to the BBMP , but they don't understand tha its the defense's land and hence the complaints should be diverted there. i told him i knew that bu oly the bbmp would actually take the pains of cleaning the area.But e wasn't interested incoming for the meeting as he was busy.

one on one

met the managers of the KR colony apartments today. Mr Murthi(Victoria Heaven) , Mr Prem(landsdone apartments), Mr Chandrashekar( Victoria 1 & 2) , will meet Mr Menon (Golf Links apartment) tomorrow, Mr Jairaj (Purva paradise).
The response i got through the questionairre was that there are problems with the middlemen , namely the supervisor Mr Sheshadri and the fact that he charges them apporoximtely 700 rs to 1400 rs per month but doesnt meet his promises. The cleaners appear and dissapear when they feel like an sometmes garbage from the apartments are not picked up for two to three weeks. the excuses the managers deal with range from the problems with picking stations and non vailability of dumping area in the villages due to protests of villagers. All of them agreed to meet up at any time required to have a meeting regarding the problem .

I also distributed the flyers in the Victorian heaven apartments. Printed 50 more and hopefully have them distributed in Landsdore ASAP.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

full force

created a new leaflet which includes the laws on littering. created a questionnaire for the residents regarding their views on the waste disposal situation.
the questions are:
what they think of the garage?
does it affect them personally?
whatare the causes?
what they think can be done?
would they like to b a part of my campaign?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back in business

The TOI front pge held an article on the BBmp taking actions against littering. They will place dustbins and enforce fines. i am going to incorporate the fine structure in my posters and leaflets and will spread awareness on the fines.


Spoke to the health inspector and the supervisor , dustbins are a no-no due to the fact that any form of waste disposal bins are targets of misuse.
So now campaign will mostly revolve around awareness and not the placements of recepticles

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Campaign Begins

the campaign received its first donation today from the head of Matrix software.
Finished meeting and communicating info to all companies on the KR stretch.

Friday, July 25, 2008

pre campaign process contd

booked another meeting with a software company opposite our domain. the school are in the middle of the exam period, so support from the children will be hard to garner.leaflets are completed. haveto start raising funds for printing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pre Campaign process

Contacted the offices in the kr colony as their emplyees are mostly responsible for the trash strewn on the streets. Booked a few appointments. the purpose of the appointment being to fix a meeting with all the employees in the offices so as to create awareness as well as garner support for my campaign. Already have one meeting booked , hopefull get two more by the end of this week. at the same time i 'm working on the leaflets to be distributed among residents.

Friday, July 11, 2008

domlur needs help

garbage here , garbage there,
garbage friggin everywhere,
the smell of carcass the smell of dung
smells like nappies wet and hung
cleaners they come they go
the garbage still jus seems to grow
a campaign is what we need
a message we all must heed
the BMP we cannot blame
its you and me we all must tame.